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With Hungary you may think of Puszta and gypsies, but there is much more to discover in this beautiful country. The Hungarian cuisine, hospitality, wonderful nature and several nice sights make that Hungary is a holiday destination you must pay a visit at least once.

lake Balaton


for kids


Lake Balaton with children

Lake Balaton is a party for children. On the southern shore of Lake Balaton, the soil is slowly descending and the water is relatively shallow. The water is always at a good temperature, during summer even around 24 degrees Celsius. Therefore it is always fun for the small bathers to play and swim in this water paradise.

Annagora Aqua & Wellnesspark

If you want something other than Lake Balaton, you can visit the Annagora Aqua & Wellnesspark. You will find this water park in the seaside town Balatonfüred and the park is highly recommended. Especially younger children can enjoy themselves here all day long. There are no less than twelve water slides and a wave pool.

Budapest with children

Boedapest met kinderen - Robiniapark

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and of course there is enough to do for both young and old. Apart from all the cultural attractions, you will find the Children Railroad Museum, the Miniversum and Budapest Zoo. Furthermore, there are several parks in Budapest with playgrounds, trampolines and fountains.

Kittenberger Zoo


Kittenberger Zoo is a zoo in Veszprém. In this zoo you will encounter many small animal species, but also big ones, such as elephants and lions. You will also find plenty of small playgrounds where you can unwind while the kids play. This zoo wants to keep animals in the most natural environment possible. That is why they try to let them be as free as possible. Did the visit to the zoo make you hungry? Veszprém has nice restaurants where you can taste delicious local goulash.

Animalpark Festetics

Imre Állatpark at Keszthely

Animal park Festetics Imre Állatpark
in Keszthely is especially fun to go to with the smallest holidaymakers. Here children become acquainted with all kinds of animals from the wild. There is also plenty of room to play here. And do you want to end the day in a good way for the children? Then cruise past McDonalds for a Happy Meal on the way back.


There are many nice trips to make from Robiniapark, because nice towns and villages surround Lake Balaton. We listed a few recommendations.



Shopping in Hungary is fun and certainly not boring. Almost everything is obtainable here. But for those who really like to shop, the big city is the real deal. And this is, undoubtedly, Budapest. WestEnd City Centre, MOM Park and Corvin Plaza are a few big ones that will make every shopaholic happy.

You also come across many big markets in Budapest, which are good for a nice day of strolling around. Do you want something different? Something that is not for sale in the Netherlands? There are quite a few charming boutiques, vintage shops and souvenir shops, where you will find unique and also many handmade products. It might be nice to take something home for the neighbour who takes care of the plants at home.

Shopping Lake Balaton

Furthermore, you will find plenty of shops around Lake Balaton where you will always come across something fun. For example, the beautiful town of Székesfehérvár, where an old and beautiful centre can be found, but also a modern shopping mall with large European chains. You will find the city Hévíz only 5 kilometres from the lake. This city is known for the largest spa lake, but also has a modern shopping centre with nice terraces and good restaurants.

Week markets

On the market, your money is worth more. And this also applies to the markets in Hungary. Many towns have a weekly market where you can buy everything: flowers, vegetables, fruit, clothing, but also many local products.

Opening hours stores Hungary

The shops in Hungary are usually open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and on Thursday until 8 pm. On Saturday, the usual opening hours are from 9 am to 1 pm. In touristic places, the shops are also open on Sundays, from 7 am to 1 pm.


The Robiniapark area is hilly and comparable to South Limburg. In other words, there is a lot of green and only a few buildings. An environment that lends itself perfectly for a nice trip, such as hiking or mountain biking. With the convenient Wikiloc app you can make beautiful tours that vary from beginning hikers to experts.



Going out for dinner in Hungary is not only tasty, but also often cheaper than making food yourself. In the surrounding area of Robiniapark there is plenty of choice between different types of restaurants. And to make this choice a bit easier, we listed a few recommendations.

Turul FogadaSzólád

Within walking distance of Robiniapark you will find a nice restaurant at the bottom of the mountain. A nice terrace, good food and an enthusiastic owner who has closed the guests of Robiniapark in his heart. In the summer there is often music on the terrace. Wonderful to listen to with a local wine. Want to know more about this restaurant? They have a Facebookpage and there’s a great story on the popular website We love Balaton.

Platan Etteren (pizza) Balatonföldvár

There are many pizzerias in the area, but Platan Etteren really stands out. This pizzeria is open all year round and the pizza bottoms are freshly prepared here. There is also a terrace with a play corner for children. In addition to the wide choice of pizza, they also have plenty of other dishes. Do you want to have a drink on the terrace after dinner? The terrace next to it, Manna Mia music café, is owned by the same owner and has enjoyable live music during the summer.

Csigahaz KisvendegloBalatonföldvár

Located at the port of Balatonföldvár lies Csigahaz Kisvendeglo. This restaurant has a covered terrace and is located at an attractive location. With all water sport enthusiasts around you, you experience a relaxed atmosphere here. Besides, you are served by friendly staff. You can eat typical Hungarian dishes here, which are a bit sturdier than the Western European dishes. Fun fact: this restaurant is also called the ‘Snail House’, the translation of Csigahaz.

Fish counter in Balatonszárszó (Tóparti Halsütő)

Fish lovers, pay attention. Here you can eat the best fresh freshwater fish in Hungary. The fish restaurant is located next to the municipal beach and can be recognised by the red roof and the large wooden benches. In the high season you can go here every day. Good to know: in the low season, they are only open during weekends and closed in the winter.

Restaurant Anno – Balatonszárszó

In this restaurant with a beautiful veranda various dishes are served in a nice atmosphere. Good salads, tasty starts such as salmon and mozzarella, but also typical Hungarian dishes are on the menu. For children, for example, there is pasta and tomato soup. The dessert pancakes of Anno are highly recommended.