History & vision of the park


A release from the hectic life or just a get away from the daily grind. Robiniapark wants to give its guests a relaxed holiday. We believe that you can only really relax in a natural environment, without the hustle and bustle of the day, away from the crowd. A holiday where nothing is a must, everything is possible and where you have time for each other. Both young and old can experience this sublime holiday feeling at our park. Relax at Lake Balaton, walk in the green surroundings and relax in comfortable vacation homes. All of this, in combination with the hospitality of Hungary, makes a stay at Robiniapark a holiday as we like to celebrate one.


Robiniapark has a good relationship with the inhabitants of the region. We choose to use local products as much as possible, not only for the interior of the houses, but also for our groceries. Furthermore, all employees of the park live in the nearby village. In this way, we contribute to the employment around Lake Balaton.


The houses are owned by Dutch private individuals, who take care of the furnishing themselves and regularly use their own villa. As a result, the finishing and quality are significantly better than those of standard vacation homes. Robiniapark has its headquarters in the Hungarian town Szólád and a rental organisation in the Dutch town Maasland.



Ari Doelman is the initiator of Robiniapark and coordinates on behalf of the owners of the villas. As a translator Hungarian-Dutch, he worked for various organizations in the Hungarian-speaking region.