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This comfortable holiday villa is located on the eastern edge of the park and has a view of the beautiful hinterland. It is a good place to relax completely, thanks to the rolling landscape. Adjacent to the backyard of house Arpád utca 14 there are fields with different crops, such as grain and corn.

Behind these fields are vineyards with grapes. The wine made from these grapes can be enjoyed in local restaurants. After the vineyards a wooded area begins, in which buildings are nowhere to be found. Furthermore, like all houses in Robiniapark, the house is well insulated, nicely finished and spacious.

Useful information about villa 14
  • Living area 130 m2 excluding terraces
  • Garden 930 m2
  • Bedrooms 4, of which 2 with a balcony, 1 on the ground floor
  • Bathrooms 2, of which 1 with a bathtub
  • Kitchen microwave oven, fridge with freezer, dishwasher
  • Extra washing machine, WiFi (via hotspot or access point on plot 23), television (no Dutch channels) with DVD player


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